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Full-Stack WordPress Developer

My Name is Joël I am an aspiring Full-Stack WordPress developer from Luxembourg currently living and freelancing in Vienna. I’ve created this portfolio website to promote my work and to engage with employers, clients, and other developers alike. In my blog, I share my experiences and knowledge I acquire during my journey as a developer. I also write about other topics in the field of IT such as Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, network policy, and more. I’m pleased to have you as one of my first readers.

Becoming a Full-Stack WordPress Developer – How it all began

I share a great interest in computing since my childhood. No matter what I did during my school and professional career, every path in life always led me back to IT. That’s why I decided to take a Developer course at the bfi Vienna in spring 2019. I have already taught myself before how to program simple static websites in HTML and CSS, but my real passion for coding was sparked during the course when we learned to develop dynamic database-based websites. The day I finished my graduation project, I knew: This is it! Only the direction wasn’t clear yet. This has changed (after several months of intensive studying PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS, and creating my first personal blog) as I took my first steps into WordPress development. Ever since I develop customized WP websites/themes and convert static HTML websites into WordPress.

Why become a Full-Stack WordPress Developer?

One big advantage of developing with WP is that you can focus on the essential instead of reinventing the wheel every time you start something new. WP comes with a wide range of tools and plugins which you can use to expand your project at will. Also, the use of shortcodes and builders saves you a lot of time. As a front-end developer, there’s no need to hire a back-end developer because WP already has a backend.

Via REST API, you can use the WordPress Interface solely as a backend while using other tools and languages for the frontend. That comes in handy if you want to build a fully personalized website backend inclusive, but you need to publish fast. In such a case, you could utilize WP as an interim solution and build the backend later.

Status quo

At the moment I’m primarily focusing on building my career as a freelancer. I am working on landing first jobs on various platforms, including freelancer.com and Fiverr. On the former, I take part in contests and bid for jobs, on the latter, I’m selling gigs.

Above that, I’m working 2 hours a day to improve my coding skills and learn new WP development techniques. If there is any time left I share my code on twitter under the famous hashtags #100DaysOfCode #ILoveCode and #FreeCodeCamp

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