Crafting Unique and Customizeable Websites is my Passion

Crafting Unique and Customizeable Websites is my Passion

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Customizable WordPress Website – the Summary

The Frontend

The Content-Box

Contntent Box
Figure 2.0: Content Box

The basic idea of this website and the wish of my client was to develop an online business card – with a quick overview of all relevant information – which should lead to quick contact by the visitor. Instead of creating a separate page for each topic, I decided to create a content box with a tab menu – using jQuery – through which you can easily navigate through without loading delays. This way, the two essential questions of a business card are answered quickly. Who am I (about-me)? What am I doing (service)? Get in contact (Contact). Now let’s take a look at the code in the following figure.

HomePage Source Code
Figure 2.1: Content Box

Project Details

Website: Customizable WordPress Website & Blog


Responsive: Yes

CMS: WordPress

Main Language: PHP

other languages: jQuery/JavaScript, Bootstrap/CSS,


  • Homepage
    • Content Box
      • Tab Navigation
      • About me, Service, Contact
    • Timeline
      • Custom Post Types
      • Custom Fields
  • WordPress Blog


  • WordPress Dashboard
    • Plugins:
      • Custom Post Types UI
      • Advanced Custom Fields
      • Contact Form 7
      • Squirrly
      • WP Fastest Cache

Theme: Ambi Consulting

Level: Advanced

Purpose: Professional Website, Company Timeline, Consulting - blog
Content-Box – Navigation Menu – Customizable WordPress Website
<section id="infobox" data-type="background" data-speed="5">
    <div class="card">
        <!--=== INFOBOX NAVIGATION 
        <nav id="infobox-nav">
            <ul id="ul-faq-nav" class="nav nav-tabs">
                <li class="nav-item">
                <span id="tab-about-me" class="nav-link active"><a href="<?php bloginfo("stylesheet_directory");?>/home/" style="pointer-events:none" >About me</a></span>
                <li class="nav-item">
                <span id="tab-service" class="nav-link"><a href="<?php bloginfo("stylesheet_directory");?>/service/" style="pointer-events:none">Service</a></span>
                <li class="nav-item">
                <span id="tab-contact" class="nav-link"><a  href="<?php bloginfo("stylesheet_directory");?>/contact-2/"  style="pointer-events:none" >Contact</a></span>
        <!--=== INFOBOX BODY 
        <div class="info-box-content">

Figure 2.2: HTML Code for the Content-Box Menu – created with Bootstrap

Now let’s have a Look at the jQuery script

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