Crafting Unique and Customizeable Websites is my Passion

Crafting Unique and Customizeable Websites is my Passion

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As a web developer, I am more focused on coding. Nonetheless is designing templates, creating mockups for websites a part of my daily work as a freelancer. In this article, I’ll show you my entries for two web design contests I took part in on

Project Details

Field: Web Design

Purpose: Contest


Design Software: Inkscape, Gimp

Code: none

Web Design Contest Entries

Italian Food Box service

In the figures below, you can see my entry for a Mockup Design Contest. The goal was to create a Mockup or Sketch (not a final Design) for a Food Service Website

web design contest | Italian Food Service
Figure 1.0: Web Design Contest Entry | Italian Food Service Website
web design contest entry | italian food design
Figure 1.1: Alternative version | Italian Food Service Website

Freight Booking Website

The Objectif of this contest was to create a Design Mockup for a Freight Booking website, with the incentive on the booking search form.

Figure 2.0: Freight Booking Website Entry
web design contest | freight booking website
Figure 2.1: Alternative version | Freight Booking Website

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