Crafting Unique and Customizeable Websites is my Passion

Crafting Unique and Customizeable Websites is my Passion

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Front Page Design
Front Page Design

Project Details

Website/App: Front Page Design – Real Estate Website

Program Languages: CSS/Bootstrap, JavaScript/jQuery

Frontend:  Animations/Forms

  • Slider
  • Animation – Property Selector
  • Animation – Critical Steps: 
  • Chat- Box

Responsive: Yes

Level: Intermediary

Purpose: Contest Entry

Front Page Design- Description

This project was my entry for a contest on The goal was to develop a simple and elegant home-page with a calculator form and a slider as core elements. The color scheme should be based on the company logo and contain white as the main color. 

Fresh and modern

I choose to split up the page in the main and sidebar to separate informative and interactive content. The left main container contains the slider and put the articles preview and the calculator into the sidebar on the right. The Contact Link and the chatbox also pops-up on the right. Slight rounding of the container boxes and modest animations give the layout a smooth touch. Instead of a background-color, I decided to give the nav-bar a green bottom border to separate the header from the rest of the site. To get an Impression of the animated parts check out the youtube video below

If you liked my work and need a developer for a similar project, do not hesitate to contact me or check out my gigs on Fiverr.

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