Crafting Unique and Customizeable Websites is my Passion

Crafting Unique and Customizeable Websites is my Passion

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Project details

App: Movie Database

Main Language: Core PHP

Other Languages: jQuery, CSS, HTML, PDO/MySQL

Frontend: Content & Forms

  • Movie Index / Film Overview
  • Movie Details page + User Rating / Review
  • User Register & Login
  • Contact Page

Backend: Database Administration

  • Movie Edit/Add/Delete new Films
  • User table: Admin user rights
  • Review Table

Level: Beginner

Purpose: Graduation project / bfi Vienna course

Movie Database & User Reviews – Summary

This project is the very first PHP application that I developed. It was my graduation project during a web developer course at the bfi Institute in 2019.

The Frontend

The content of the Frontend is dynamically rendered from the DB. The Front-Page serves as an index/overview-page of the film database with all the thumbnails and links to the film details. Each FilmDetail-Page is rendered trough the primary key in the film table, which is transferred from the film link to the database query using $ _GET. It contains the film synopsis and a review form through which registered users can submit ratings (1-5) and write reviews. Next, there is a user register and login form for users to log in and signup and finally, a contact form enabling website visitors to get in touch with the website owner.

frontpage of Movie Database & User Reviews
movie database register page

Gallery: Movie Database & User Reviews

The Backend

of the application takes care of the administration of the DB and the content. 

It consists of:

  • A film administrative table in which you can add, edit new films or delete old ones
  • A table for the management of user-rights
  • A censor table to delete inappropriate comments/reviews

Download – Movie Database & User Reviews

You can download this project under the following Link:

The ZIP file contains the folder with the PHP files and the DB file. This project is very suitable as an exercise example and good learning material for PHP beginners. You may use this code as you please but on your local server only. Feel free to edit, copy, or rebuild the project.

Login Information

In order to run and test the Application on your local server you’ll need the login data for the db and users.

  • –  pw: 1234567x 
    Administrator – has access to the backend and therefore full application and administration rights
    userRole = 2
  • – pw:  carocaro12
    Simple user ability to rate and comment
    userRole = 1
  •  – pw: gesperrt001
    Blocked user. Has been blocked by the administrator due to «negative behavior» in the comment area. Can no longer use the comment and rating form
    userRole = 0
  • – pw: Tyson113xx
    Simple user ability to rate and comment
    userRole = 1
  • DB Admin : training – pw: 123x

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